15 Remarkable Benefits of a Pergola

Benefits of a Pergola
March 4, 2024

It is a one-of-a-kind experience to extend one's living space to the outdoors. The freshness of nature and the calm in the air relaxes, entertains, and enhances the livelihood. People who love spending time in their outdoor spaces and backyards always look for ways to improve the area.
It is where a Pergola comes into play!

A pergola is the perfect addition to the backyard space. These intricately crafted structures make the space visually appealing, welcoming, and cozy. Over the years, we have observed that the pergolas add warmth and personality to the outdoor space. Even the guests enjoy the addition and extension of the living area. Additionally, a pergola is used in many ways and uniquely benefits all.

If you plan a backyard revamp anytime soon, this read explores the pros of having a pergola. Look more closely at landscape enhancement with a classy patio pergola cover.

What Is A Pergola?

A Pergola is an outdoor structure with columns, cross beams, and rafters to create a separate outdoor space. It is commonly made of wood; however, several renowned brands have launched pergolas of various materials.

Pergolas are placed outdoors on a large patio or deck and can either be freestanding or attached to the home. The structure creates a shaded area for sitting space, a walkway, or a passage.

Pergolas are often confused with gazebos. However, pergolas have a slanted roofing structure that allows sunlight and other elements to pass through. The crisscross patterned roof is ideal for plant life as well.

Need more clarity?

Explore our detailed guide on 'pergola vs gazebo' & know how they differ from each other.

The modern Pergola roofs are more advanced and shut away sun, rain, and more. You can experience versatile shading solutions during changes in weather or additional privacy.

What Is The Purpose Of A Pergola?

Pergolas are considered one of the best patio cover ideas for many reasons. Pergolas are traditional home structures and have descended from the medieval ages. The earliest known Pergola belonged to the Egyptian masses and court officials. Although only a little information about the inspiration behind these structures is available, it delivered aesthetic appeal to the royal gardens.

Pergolas were also relevant during the early Renaissance times in Italy and were covered in vines. These structures were a summer particular spot.

Over the years, the structure has modernized to meet the taste of the people. The present-day structures are more featured and comfortable, offering better protection and privacy.

The Pergolas create a separate outdoor space and further extend the living area. Families can spend ample outdoor time irrespective of weather conditions, time, or occasion. The modern pergola designs offer protection from elements and a cozy personal space for various activities.

Several brands also design pergolas with privacy enhancements and customizable designs for elevated aesthetic appeal.

15 Benefits Of A Pergola In Your Backyard

Are you still skeptical about a Pergola?

There are multiple benefits of adding a pergola to your backyard. We have listed some of the top reasons to install a pergola in your space this season.

1. Privacy Enhancement

The present-day privacy pergolas come with privacy enhancements. These privacy pergolas have walls all around, and they are easily adjustable. In comparison, building solid walls and roofs is rarely budget-friendly and takes time. A pergola is a quick and inexpensive option that is customizable.

Privacy pergolas are perfect for households beside a busy street or noisy neighbor. It allows the much-needed calm along with the influence of nature.

2. Versatile Shade Solution

Pergolas naturally offer shaded space during the summer season. It makes a perfect corner for children to play and adults to relax without the sunburn. Additionally, a modern pergola comes with a versatile shade solution for added advantages. The roof is mechanized for custom roofing, thereby controlling the shade space.

During winter, you can easily adjust the roof for a sunlit space, and vice versa for the summer times.

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3. Aesthetic Appeal

Pergolas are elegant and have been considered beautiful throughout history. Most homeowners in the United States are not blessed with a large and beautiful backyard or a garden. A pergola is the perfect addition to such home spaces. It helps extend the home area, and the structure is an impressive head-turner.

Additionally, you can customize the Pergola and space to align with your home style. A few elegant curtains, subtle lighting, roses, and grape vines will accentuate the traditional ambience of the structure.

4. Increased Property Value

Pergolas are more than visual wonder; there is more return on investment than you think. While it adds splendor to your outdoor space, it increases the home value by 15%.

Currently, pergolas and similar structures have become quite popular among the masses. People are inclining to these structures for comfort, elegance, and extended space. Pergolas are the top options for adding value to homes. So, whether you utilize the Pergola for several years or sell the house, both conditions are worth it.

The more featured the Pergola, the higher the value.

5. Outdoor Entertainment Hub

Pergolas are an impressive addition for families who love holding multiple events outdoors. The structure expands the entertainment zone and complements the various parties held. The space can be a grill, bar, gaming, or luxury eating.

With a pergola in your backyard, parties and get-together activities are often elevated. The guests find this experience thrilling compared to indoor parties.

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Apart from bar counters or grill corners, pergolas are great for pool party shades and guest seating arrangements. Additionally, this space safeguards the entertainment time from external elements.

6. Extension of Living Space

Living space extension is the most appealing to several homeowners among the many pergola advantages.

Modern and open-style homes are the new trend. Home layouts simply extending to an outward backyard structure smoothly extend the space.

Living does not necessarily have to be indoors. Outdoor spaces with improved privacy and aesthetic appeal contribute to the homes overall beauty and functionality.

Adjust the Pergola to a walkway or over a patio as an extended room or living space. It can be revamped with furniture, cushions, indoor plants, shelves, etc. We recommend picking a pergola that aligns with the home style for the perfect appeal.

7. Protection from Elements

Traditional pergolas have crisscross roofing and barely cover the inside space from external elements. The modern pergolas transform into a functional patio with retractable roofing. People can choose to cover the space or enjoy the sunlight as desired.

Several pergola brands offer metal roofing for extended longevity. These roofs protect from the rain and harsh sunlight effortlessly. These structures stay intact with constant usage and better coverage than wood.

8. Customizable Design

The modern pergola designs are one of a kind and can be customized according to your needs. Whether you wish to experience a simple pergola or a motorized one, all can be designed accordingly.

For instance, a motorized louvered pergola is extremely popular. It has louvers for the roof, and the slants can be remote-controlled for optimum usage. You can enjoy the pleasant breeze of the spring and stay cozy amidst the chilly winters. All of these translate to an impeccable outdoor living experience optimized by modern technology.

Additionally, the pergola walls can be optimized as per requirement. There are multiple options – open walls, see-through glass, sunshade, textured, private, etc.

Customized outdoor pergola benefits are manifold. It can be a hobby room, reading space, meeting area, office work, party corner, and more.

9. Integration with Outdoor Structures

Whether you have a modern minimalist home or a Mediterranean bungalow, the many advantages of a pergola can tested.

The pergolas seamlessly integrate with other outdoor structures. It enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the exterior space and aligns with the home style. The structure is a smooth continuation of a deck, patio, or pool area. It becomes a stylish link of convenience and creates a cohesive and inviting outdoor environment.

There are several methods for integrating a pergola. You can completely change the home's appearance by creating a different style. It is an expensive option. Alternatively, you can pick a complementary style that suits the existing structure.

This outdoor integration extends the living spaces and provides a versatile corner. The area can be set up for various activities – entertaining or relaxing.

10. Energy Efficiency

Beyond aesthetic appeal, pergolas can be strategically utilized for energy efficiency. Allow us to explain how.

The summer heat barely allows outdoor times for a sunny state like Florida and Texas. Children and nature lovers stay cooped up in air-conditioned rooms for relaxation. Similarly, people in Wisconsin and North Dakota struggle outdoors due to harsh winters. They need constant support from heaters and more outdoor time. People from these regions consume a lot of energy for survival. This is where the benefits of adding a pergola outrank.

The outdoor structure enhances the energy efficiency of your home. When strategically positioned outdoors, pergolas provide shade and minimize indoor heat. It lowers the need for excessive air conditioning, leading to energy savings. Additionally, choosing materials like reflective surfaces or open lattice design roofing offers a cold environment.

If opting for a modern pergola, the roofs are remote-controlled and can be completely shut for optimum warmth or cold.

11. Garden Enhancement

Pergolas are a stunning focal point to your generic gardens. All the homes in the US have backyards - big or small. Some are well-maintained and look classy, others are unkempt. A pergola adds to the vertical interest and architectural elegance. It blends seamlessly with nature when adorned with climbing plants, vines, or hanging flowers. These inclusions aesthetically enhance the outdoor space and create a tranquil environment for relaxation and merriment.

Several pergola users utilize the space for gardening alone. These people dedicate the area to seasonal fruits and flowers, plants that prefer a little indoor space, etc. The enclosed area offers the desired light and shade and protects the plants for improved growth.

12. Cost-Effective Home Improvement

There are multiple modern home improvement options available in the market. If we discuss outdoor integrations alone, there are gazebos, arbors, pergolas, and pavilions. Each differs from the other. For instance, arbors are more diminutive, used as doorways and only for decoration. Gazebos are ornate, oval structures and garden centerpieces. Among the lot, the most convenient and budget-friendly is a pergola.

It is a cost-effective solution for home improvement, adds value to the property, and extends the home. The modern pergolas are very advanced and create a separate outdoor area for various activities. Unlike complex and expensive outdoor structures, pergolas are a budget-friendly alternative that boosts curb appeal.

These simple yet elegant designs transform an ordinary backyard into a captivating retreat without burning a hole in the pocket. Owing to these benefits, a pergola is a wise investment for enhancing property value and appeal.

13. Easy Installation

Pergolas are not intricate structures and are renowned for easy installation. These structures are of several kinds - walled, beamed, freestanding, louvered, and more. They are available in various materials – wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. The multiple convenient options make it a practical and time-efficient addition to the outdoor space.

Pergolas typically involve straightforward assembly. These are available in kits with a do-it-yourself manual and require minimal professional assistance. The ease of installation ensures a swift transformation of the outdoor space. The renovation enhances the overall house without the hassle of prolonged construction timelines.

14. Hidden Getaway

Several things make up leisure time – reading, relaxing, cooking, painting, and more. Trying all these in a secluded and aesthetic place positively contributes to the time spent. A fulfilling leisure time is one of the many reasons to install a pergola. It serves as a hidden getaway within the comfort of the property.

The Pergola can be placed in a secluded garden corner or a lush landscape for a private retreat. This area can be well-utilized by homeowners and guests for relaxation, reading, or hearty conversations. The areas can be cozy with curtains, drapes, or climbing plants – a hidden Zen zone for a happy mood booster.

15. Rain Protection

Traditional pergolas needed to be better equipped for various seasons. The structures barely protect during heavy rainfall or snow. The modern pergolas have evolved manifold to offer the best to homeowners. These are remote-controlled and equipped with retractable canopy roofs or louvers. These are robust structures that enable immediate protection from external elements.

Additionally, the roofing and wall options are adjustable. It means the roof shutters can be closed with flexible walls for people who enjoy watching the rain. These adaptable, remote-controlled features make the Pergola convenient and functional for various uses.

These pergola installation benefits can help several homemakers reimagine their livelihood – indoors and outdoors. This perfect Zen spot has added an appeal to the home and increased the value of leisure time. Similarly, the positive effects have contributed to enriching family times and being the best party place for friends and family.

How Do You Pick The Perfect Pergola For Your Backyard?

Picking the perfect Pergola for your garden space with careful consideration is essential. Whether the purpose is an entertainment spot or a relaxing pit, it all comes down to comfort, convenience, and value.

There are several factors to analyze – size, style, materials, and overall aesthetic alignment. We recommend exploring this guide to make an informed decision. The perfect Pergola will help complement your home and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Here are the top three factors to consider when picking a pergola –

1. Finding the Right Size

The first and fundamental step of picking a pergola is selecting the appropriate size. It must be more extensive, it will not fit properly, and one that is too small will not serve the purpose.

Therefore, always assess the available space in the backyard or garden. Study the dimensions and the overall layout, and opt for a pergola that suits you. It must not overpower the surroundings and look like odd places. A seamless integration with the existing landscape will enhance the outlook perfectly.

Opt for a compact design to create a cozy and comfortable space if you have a small backyard. Large areas can accommodate intricate pergolas with traditional designs. You can pick custom design options to match the home style.

2. Finding the Ideal Material for Durability

The first-ever pergolas of the Renaissance time were wooden structures. However, the present-day homeowners have varied demands and have given rise to multiple materials. You can find wooden, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass pergolas in the market.

Each material has its advantages and considerations and offers varied levels of comfort. You must understand that the material choice affects the aesthetics, longevity, and maintenance requirements.

Here are the pergola material types –

  • Wood contributes to the natural appeal and adds warmth and timeless beauty to the outdoor space. Walnut and heartwood are popular in the US for their natural strength and resistance to decay and insects. However, we advise constant maintenance for wooden pergolas to avoid staining and to preserve its integrity.
  • Metals including Aluminum and Steel offer a contemporary and sleek appearance. These are durable options and are resistant to weathering and damage. Additionally, these are low-maintenance structures and require cleaning. Always consult professionals for powder coating – it enhances resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Vinyl for pergolas is a clean and modern choice and is best for busy families with less time for care and maintenance. These pergolas are safe from rot, insects, and weather damage. Vinyl is highly durable and long-lasting and can be customized to align with your home style. It is easy to clean and retains its appearance over time.
  • Fiberglass is a combination of strength, durability, and versatility. It can be used independently – roof, beams, and walls. In contrast, fiberglass can be adjusted with other materials – wooden or metallic roofs with fiberglass detailing and beams. Vinyl can mimic wood effortlessly and is resistant to weathering and rot. It is a lightweight material and super-easy to install in spaces of various sizes.

Consider the climate in your area and the preferred aesthetic when finalizing the pergola material. It will also decide the maintenance level required for durability. If all seems confusing, consult experts for suggestions.

3. Alignment with Outdoor Elements

A pergola alone cannot maintain the appeal and harmony of the space. The structure design must match existing outdoor elements for an appealing presence. Understand the architectural style of your home, the backyard space, landscaping features, and other outdoor structures.

A classic pergola with intricate details and natural materials such as wood looks elegant for traditionally designed homes. Modern homes align perfectly with modern pergolas and minimal design structures. The home style and pattern further inspire colors, patterns, and decorations.

Alternatively, the pergola design can be aligned to the activity that will take place. For instance, a dining pergola must be spacious and have room for tables and chairs. On the other hand, a relaxation pergola needs to have comfortable seating and soft furnishings. The design can be tailored to meet the surroundings and preferences. The overall structure should complement the house style and benefit the homeowners in multiple ways.

Pergola Maintenance Tips

We have discussed several benefits of installing a pergola. However, you can only utilize these benefits with prolonged usage. These outdoor structures require regular maintenance for protracted usage and lasting impressions.

Here is an expert maintenance routine to protect and reap the advantages of the Pergola –

  • Clean regularly to remove dirt, dust, and debris accumulated on the structure. Use a mild mixture of detergent, water, and vinegar on the surface. Check for molds and mildew growth in the corners and crevices.
  • To increase the longevity of a wooden pergola, apply a sealant or a protective finish to shield it from the elements. It prevents water damage, protects against UV rays, and enhances the wood's natural color. Apply the sealant every one to three years for optimum results.
  • Inspect the material now and then for signs of damage or wear. Consult the pergola provider for replacements and repair of damaged parts promptly. It prevents abrupt deterioration. Additionally, check for screws, joints, damaged boards, or any structural concern to maintain a longstanding pergola.

A well-maintained pergola enhances the outdoor space and remains durable over time. These routine inspections go a long way in protecting the structure and enjoying the remarkable benefits throughout the seasons.

Getting your First Pergola from Valley Covers

We have ended this informative read, and you must understand why you chose a pergola for your outdoor space. These structures are super easy to install; you can always consult the experts. The magic begins when the Pergola is assembled and standing, adding elegance to your garden space and making heads turn.

You can design these structures at will – use curtains, chandeliers, lights, and furniture to create a relaxing and functional space. Imagination is the limit when it comes to designing a pergola.

If you plan to create your Zen space soon, check out Valley Covers. We dedicatedly enhance outdoor spaces with modern and premium patio structures. Our creations are unparalleled in craftsmanship and utilize top-notch tech for enhanced functionality.

Check out our collection of pergolas today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few additional questions answered about a pergola –

1. What is the lifespan of a pergola?

The lifespan of a pergola depends on various factors, such as the materials used, weather conditions, and maintenance. A well-maintained pergola made with a durable material can last 15 to 25 years or even longer. We recommend regular cleaning and care to contribute to the lifespan of the Pergola.

2. Do pergolas block the sun?

Yes, pergolas provide shade. Focus on a structured design that facilitates sunshade. Traditional pergola designs have open-lattice roofs that offer partial shade and allow sunlight to filter through. In comparison, modern pergolas have premium adjustable roofs and retractable canopies. These offer flexibility to control the shade based on season, weather, and preference.

3. Can pergolas withstand rainy weather?

Depending on the design and materials, Pergolas can withstand rain to a certain extent. Adjustable roofs and water-resistant materials are a perfect combination for effective rain management. It is advisable to check the specific features of the Pergola and consider additional accessories like curtains or drapes for enhanced protection.

4. Does a pergola add value to a house?

Yes, adding a pergola increases the value of a house by 15%. Potential buyers in the United States consider pergolas as desirable features. It extends the living spaces and makes the property appealing to all. The outdoor living structure and visual appeal positively impact the resale value of a house.

5. Where is the best place to put a pergola?

The standard pergola placement options are patio, deck, or near a pool. Pick an area with a mix of sunlight and shade and where you plan to spend the outdoor time. Additionally, ensure it complements the home design and blends well with the environment.



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